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Creating Automation Build Based On Folders

Currently I have one repository with many folders.

Each folder has it’s code and the DockerFile.

Currently I can configure all my DocerFiles in the DockerHub for the automation build but they are all pointing to the same repository. That means that a push to folder “X” will generate an image build for all other folders as well, while there was no change there.

How can I link my DockerFile, to a folder/folders and not the whole repository?


+1 I would like to know if this is possible also.

I have the same setup now where I have a single github repo with folders for each docker container source files and multiple docker hub repos, one for each container image. I currently have not yet attempted setting up automated builds but we plan to soon.

Is there a way to maintain this same many to one repo scenario and have only the corresponding docker container’s image be built based on the folder that changes in the common github repo?

+1 this is still a problem. a push to any folder triggers autobuild for the whole github repo which could be dozens of docker hub builds