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Creating networked docker containers, need advice

Hello all,

I need some advice. I am trying to create a number of Ubuntu 16.04 docker containers on a Digital Ocean droplet
running Ubuntu 14.04. The problem is that the containers currently have no network capabilities. /sbin/ifconfig
is missing from the containers. Ideally, what Id like to do is to create a number of clusters of 4-5 containers and create
10-15 clusters. I’ve been dome some research but the advice proffered is rather bewildering and difficult to understand.


  1. I want to start an Ubuntu container with full networking capability.
  2. I want to create a private cloud of 4-5 of these containers.
  3. I want to create 10-15 of these private clouds.

Can some one point me to a place or give me some advice on how to do this?