Curl resolves host but apt update dose not

I have an issue where with any docker generic deb based image (tried latest of ubuntu, python, rocker/r-ver), I am able to curl to the repo, but apt update fails to resolve the host. So no firewall rules preventing getting to the host and DNS works for curl on the images tried that have curl.

Host on Virtualbox that runs docker image is able to apt update, but using --newtork host when running the images still fails.
I’ve changed resolv.conf to use google dns and even put entries in the /etc/host to no avail.



OS: Mint 21.3 on VirtualBox 7.0 with network bridged to prevent conflicts with vpn

Already completely purged standard docker and reinstalled via docker repo.
iptables and routes look identical to a personal laptop with same Virtualbox setup and OS where docker images are working.

I’m completely stumped, and I’ve spent countless hours trying suggestions from internet searches.