Custom implementation for container orchestration in Docker swarm

I need to perform certain experiments where I have to implement a custom docker orchestration algorithm based on nature-inspired optimizations. I just need to have pods scheduled at whichever node I want in a docker service.
Is there a way to modify the docker swarm preexisting algorithm?
Where should I start looking for the solutions?
Is there a plugin that can be plugged for extensions to docker swarm?


Sure, fork and modify code in the manager/scheduler folder. Once you are done, you need to fork moby and modify it to use your swarmkit repo when building/packagin your forked mody distribution :slight_smile:

Thers is no extension to create your own plugin.

Thanks for the reply. I think this is what is required by me.
Are you aware of any design documentation for the swarmkit project that might help in understanding the code base?