Custom IP address for container (pihole)

I have a NAS(openmediavault) that has more services. One of them is a pihole and I would need to move it to a different IP address than the base address of the server. This is because DNS port 53 at the main server IP address is already occupied. Example:
IP address of the main server and other services:
IP address of the pihole:
I know it should be solved via macvlan. I tried:

docker network create -d macvlan \
   --subnet = / 24 \
   --gateway = \
   -o parent = eth0 pihole

The address of my router is
I then assigned the container to this network and changed the IP address of the container with the pihole to I also made a change in the pihole settings.

Unfortunately, I was not successful. I am a beginner with docker, so I will ask for simple advice / solutions.
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Resolved here: