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Customizing subnet of bridge network

(Intuitdev) #1

Expected behavior

Want to be able to specify --bip for docker on mac. I am trying to access machine on a VPN which is in the set of IP addresses that is the default for docker for mac beta.

How can I pass the --bip argument (change bridge network ip)
(Tjamet) #2

According to what I saw lately, you should be able to do it with the following:
pinata get daemon > docker-daemon.json
edit docker-daemon.json and add '“bip”:""'

then, pinata set daemon @docker-daemon.json
unfortunately, locally, the command hangs

pinata diagnose

OS X: version 10.11.4 (build: 15E65) version v1.11.1-beta12
Running diagnostic tests:
[OK]      Moby booted
[OK]      driver.amd64-linux
[OK]      vmnetd
[OK]      osxfs
[OK]      db
[OK]      slirp
[OK]      menubar
[OK]      environment
[OK]      Docker
[OK]      VT-x
Docker logs are being collected into /tmp/20160519-080613.tar.gz
Most specific failure is: No error was detected

in docker logs, I see:

May 19 08:00:33 MacBook-Pro-2 Docker[com.docker.slirp][45693] <Error>: server loop caught Failure("Caught EOF on underlying FLOW"): no further requests will be processed
May 19 08:00:33 MacBook-Pro-2 Docker[com.docker.vmnetd][58189] <Notice>: EOF reading packet from Unix domain socket: closing
May 19 08:00:33 MacBook-Pro-2 Docker[com.docker.vmnetd][58189] <Critical>: Failed to read hello from client


time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.268108840Z" level=debug msg="Registering ipam driver: \"default\""
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.268537127Z" level=debug msg="Registering ipam driver: \"null\""
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.273628735Z" level=debug msg="releasing IPv4 pools from network bridge (8dfbec44ad66dfec3f573dd41cc79e24951c79ab408d4bb1e1952152f8566123)"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.274053527Z" level=debug msg="ReleaseAddress(LocalDefault/,"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.275506189Z" level=debug msg="ReleasePool(LocalDefault/"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.280528380Z" level=debug msg="Allocating IPv4 pools for network bridge (14aa1fe83079229dbc5497a25cdeb8b06e83d5eb11c666727c656c8875518f80)"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.280830918Z" level=debug msg="RequestPool(LocalDefault,, , map[], false)"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.284754724Z" level=debug msg="RequestAddress(LocalDefault/,, map[])"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.285075041Z" level=debug msg="ReleasePool(LocalDefault/"
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.352778038Z" level=debug msg="Cleaning up old mountid : start."
time="2016-05-19T05:56:25.353645600Z" level=fatal msg="Error starting daemon: Error initializing network controller: Error creating default \"bridge\" network: failed to allocate gateway ( Address already in use"

Maybe something wrong on my computer, worth trying it and rollback with the same pinata set but without ‘bip’ if it does not work

(Intuitdev) #3

I hadn’t even noticed that option. I ran into the same issue with setting bip but I was able to use fixed-cidr to solve my VPN routing issue (i don’t get the difference between the bridge IP and the fixed-cidr).

Thank you for the suggestion

(Comavn) #4

With pinata gone in the latest beta, and the --bip option not moved to the docker gui, how can I solve this problem now?

(Sunshineo) #5

Even if it is on the gui later, we definitely need a cli option so we can script it.