Daemon wont shut down despite "sudo systemctl stop docker.service"

Hi collective docker hive mind!

I’m having an issue with Docker on Centos7 where I’m trying to change the data volume directory (as seen here) but I cannot restart the docker daemon.
What’s confusing the living daylights out of me is despite running “sudo systemctl stop docker.service”, the “docker” command still works. I cannot see a docker process running under ps or pstree, yet the command still works.
Maybe this is coming down to a lack of fundamental understanding on how a linux system works, but in the end, I’m still unable to change the installation directory. There’s no error, it just doesn’t pick up any of my config changes.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Something I’m doing wrong?


Most likely you didn’t start the docker daemon with systemctl, so you’ll have to kill it manually. I haven’t found an actual command that will work. Just do ps -ef and kill the process.