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Dashboard on iOS

(Jirapong) #1

I’m developing the docker dashboard app for iOS device. App is try to solve issue where you are away from computer and find small tool to keep you update and able to control you container. I understand you can access a web dashboard or SSH from you mobile but will it more convenient to use as native app. This will be the open source project btw. What you guys/gals think?

Some screenshot of the prototype:

(Jmorgan) #2

Wow! This is awesome! What language is it written in? Please do post the repo when you choose to open source it! Would absolutely love to have a look!

PS I work on kitematic.

(Jirapong) #3

It is written in objective-c (love to do in swift) and we will post a blog post about the first step of implementation soon. Source code will sure publish on github when everything more ready and clean some code.

PS Kitematic is one of our inspiration.

(Jmorgan) #4

Great! Looking forward to it. Those screenshots look neat.

:smiley: Cool to hear that you know about Kitematic. We’re always looking for feedback!