Dcoker container not running after building the image and running the container

I am trying to build a docker image to be used to deploy jasperreports-server on my k8s cluster.

The image has been built successfully. When I run this command (docker images) I can clearly see the image.

When I do => docker run -d -p 8080:8080 jasperreports-server:7.8.0 this runs the image and start the container.

When I execute => docker ps I do not see any running container.

When I execute => docker ps -a I see containers but with an exit status and I can not access the jasperreports-server via localhost:8080

With the image available can I go ahead and use the it in my values.yml file to be applied in my k8s cluster? I intend to use helm to deploy the jasperreports-server.

BUT I would like to first make sure the container is running.

Here is the content of my dockerfile:


Official jre as base Image built by Eclipse Temurin.

FROM eclipse-temurin:21-jre-alpine

Set environment variables for JasperReports Server


ENV JRS_HOME=/opt/jasperreports-server


ENV JRS_USER=jasperadmin

ENV JRS_PASSWORD=jasperadmin

Create directories for JasperReports Server and license

RUN mkdir -p $JRS_HOME && mkdir -p $JRS_LICENSE_DIR

Copy JasperReports Server installer to the image

COPY jasperreports-server-$JRS_VERSION-bin.zip $JRS_HOME/

Install necessary packages and unzip JasperReports Server

RUN apk add --no-cache unzip bash && \

unzip $JRS_HOME/jasperreports-server-$JRS_VERSION-bin.zip -d $JRS_HOME && \

rm $JRS_HOME/jasperreports-server-$JRS_VERSION-bin.zip

Copy the JasperReports Server license file to the image

COPY jasperserver.license $JRS_LICENSE_DIR/

Set working directory


Expose the necessary ports


Start JasperReports Server

CMD [“sh”, “-c”, “$JRS_HOME/jasperreports-server-cp-$JRS_VERSION-bin/install.sh && catalina.sh run”]

Here is a section of the container when i inspected it.

"Args": [
    "State": {
        "Status": "exited",
        "Running": false,
        "Paused": false,
        "Restarting": false,
        "OOMKilled": false,
        "Dead": false,
        "Pid": 0,
        "ExitCode": 1,
        "Error": "",
        "StartedAt": "2024-07-09T10:03:16.368106091Z",
        "FinishedAt": "2024-07-09T10:03:16.673567909Z"

Am I doing something wrong?

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