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Debug Weblogic application deployed with maven-weblogic-plugin


(Maical) #1

I have a web application running on Weblogic server that I have to modify. For this purpose I’ve installed JDeveloper 11g R2 with Integrated Weblogic 10.3 server.

Application came as maven project - I’ve imported maven project into JDeveloper. But although I can compile, attempts to deploy from within JDeveloper fail (server will complain to missing 3rd party classes).

With maven however I can successfully build a war package and deploy it to Integrated Weblogic server (maven-weblogic-plugin:deploy). weblogic administration online training

The question is how do I debug my application?

I tried remote debugging as described here and after passing proper options to server I can attach to it with JPDA debugger, but it won’t stop on breakpoints…

Am I doing something wrong or will only work with webapp deployed directly from JDeveloper?