Debugging IPAM address pool

Hi all,

I am using a 3rd-party net driver with Swarm, and I have an issue on some nodes where Docker complains there is no IP available in the subnet anymore (although there cleary are some left, and there’s no problem on sibling nodes).

My setup is:

  • Docker 1.12.1
  • Swarm 1.2.5
  • Consul 0.6.4 as KV store
  • custom net driver (vxlans)
  • default IPAM

Could you please help me to understand a few things:

  • is there any way to monitor the address pool for a network ?
  • how / where is this data stored ?


It seems that this info is stored in the local net kvstore (/var/lib/docker/network/files/local-kv.db).
I tried to look at its contents with strings | grep, but did not find info on the address pool usage.
However, deleting this file fixed my issue.

Is there a tool to read this kv store’s contents?