Dedicated ZFS pool for docker?

Hi all,

I have recently done some changes on my server including reinstalling docker. Now I want to change the storage driver from overlay2 to zfs. I was using the zfs storage driver for some time without any issues but I don’t remember exactly how I have done it. I see that I have created a file /etc/docker/daemon.json with this content:
“graph”: “/mypool/docker”,
“storage-driver”: “zfs”

So it seems that I have simply created a zfs dataset in my existing zpool for docker. But now I see in this guide:

as well in other guides that a dedicated zpool is created for docker. Is this really necessary? Does docker need a dedicated zpool? Can I not simply use a zfs dataset in my existing pool for docker? It doesn’t make any sense to me since docker is based on LXC and afaik LXC does not need zvol.