Deploying containers

The more time I spend investigating docker the more I like it, I am interested in how containers are deployed so it would be great if anyone could tell me what sort of strategy they opted for.

I have been thinking about how a simple spring boot application could be deployed, would it be suitable to deploy to a single host a container with an angular front end and httpd, multiple java containers containing spring boot services, a postgres db and then a redis container shared by all the containers on the host.

Replicating between redis and postgres on each host and then having a separate load balancer host as well?

Essentially each load balanced host would be running the entire application including the database.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could share their experiences.

No. Use separate containers for the components. DB, web, …

Container should run one thing only

Yes separate containers running on a host/node… each node running it’s own db and httpd plus backend apI services.

Not everything in one container, in fact no container has more than one job. Multiple nodes for load balancing between.

ok, sorry, don’t know what you mean by ‘how deployed’