Deploying OSM application over Ubuntu Docker

Hi All,
I’m new to docker and to start my knowledge of docker here. Hope able to leverage docker in my future application deployment.
Normally I deploy over baremetal or VM and that is how i run my application deployment and testing.
Recently I’m trying to start with docker container and have it run over my VM virtualbox. For starting I run ubuntu image and initially i able to run updates and upgrade. It come to my knowledge the image is very minimal and most of the packages (vim, openssh, wget, python, etc) is not install.
I have to install wget to download script from the net. When I run the script…It failed and stated that some of the packages cannot execute due to in availability of those packages to successfully run and complete the script. Thus the script fail to run over docker container.

  1. Unlike ubuntu image that i have run over VM (most of the packages is already installed) container image is very minimal and need to install the packages one by one. Troublesome.
  2. If the application is not providing docker based image, I’m not able to run it on container, is it true?
  3. My understanding is any application (web, program, tools, etc) can be installed over container but due to lack of features in ubuntu image/container, this can be difficult.
  4. How to run non docker image over the container? For example OSM have install script that include all the process to install the apps and how can I run this kind of apps over docker container.

Sorry If the question looks dumb but I really need to understand how docker container can be leverage based on my current requirement. I look forward to use container based instead of VM based solution. Please help and verify further. Thank you.