Deploying Snipe-it with docker

Hi Guys, I tried posting this question over at the Snipe-it support but I don’t think they have a huge docker user base.
it’s a basic docker question, I don’t think its super specific to snipe-it but it might be
essentially I followed their guide here

used docker for windows and followed the instructions
in the how to get started section they create an env file
I did that but put the incorrect username and password
snipe-it is up and running but I don’t see an option to change it.
my question is. in theory, i should be able to delete and rebuild the snipe-it docker image with a corrected env file.
and as long as I don’t touch the MySQL container. which should contain all the data. Should it work fine and ill still have my data?
am I understand you cant know exactly whats going in their container. but is that a somewhat safe assumption?
can I just create a new container with a different name and the corrected file? stop the other container and start the new one and test?

you cannot rebuild AND keep the data.

one of the reasons for keeping the data external to the container

there is NOTHING magical about docker containers… they are a collection of runtime modules that enable applications to run in a isolated and protected environment…

the apps will work EXACTLY like they normally do (they can’t do anything else) they know nothing about their docker environment… looks like the platform you selected.

well yea that’s the thing, in theory, the data should all be in the MySQL database container that I won’t touch.
while rebuilding only the web server portion
i guess you guys cant know but i think the snipe-it container just has the software, but the data is in the mysql container

and u can configure the mysql container to put its data on a volume which is actually stored on the host not in the mysql container…

read the doc on the mysql container on dockerhub

right, but I shouldn’t need to if I don’t touch the MySQL container right?
also, why don’t you want to keep the data in the container? doesn’t it make it easier it keep it in.
so you can just backup the container.
instead, you have to back up the data separately. doesnt that kind of defeat the purpose of having a container? if its not all contained?

and when u need to upgrade the mysql container for some reason? or some docker fix asks you to destroy all containers and images and start again… (we’ve had some)

careful planning saves you every time…