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Deployment workflow

(Enteente) #1

Hello everybody,

I created my first dockerized app. It consists of 5 images.

On my local dev machine I use docker-compose to build and run the application.

Now I rented a remote VPS and installed docker there in order to deploy the stable state of my application to that machine.

How do I proceed here, what tools do I need?

What I’m thinking right now is cloning my repository on the vps, create a .env file there and the just call docker-compose up. But that does not sound very dockerish to me. What is the correct way to push - locally tested and as stable ajudged - images to that remote machine and run them there?

thanks in advance!

(Archimedes Trajano) #2

docker stack deploy --with-registry-auth

However, you need an accessible repository to push your images to and pull from.