Deprecation of --link-local-ip?

The Docker CLI supports --link-local-ip on the run and network connect commands for IPV4 and IPV6 addresses. Disregarding IPV6 (which I don’t have a strong grasp on at the moment), I’m curious about the fact that the recent (v3+) versions of the docker-compose schema have decided to abandon support for link-local-ip. I’ve also noticed that you can create a docker network with the 169.254/16 addresses that are reserved for link-local.

I’m curious what the use-case is for the separate link-local-ip flag, why it’s not seemingly important to docker-compose, and any opinions on what it’s future might be (maybe link-local doesn’t make a bunch of sense in a Swarm/Overlay network world?)

Any thoughts?

Link local ip came in Docker version 1.12( I find it surprising that it got removed in compose v3. I feel link local ip is useful for cases where dhcp server itself is not used. its less useful for ipv4. As you said, the only thing i can think of is it is not much useful in swarm case…
Its worth raising a github issue.