Developer scenario

Its great to see that windows server is now being supported by docker. However, I’m wondering about a workstation setup. I do embedded software development and its even more important than for other development that the dev environment remain stable. Some products can be in use for 10-20 years or more. MS still sells MS-DOS 6.22 and I’m sure there are machines out there running it. While linux solutions are available for embedded development, the best ones and most useful are available under windows. I’ve recently experienced a situation where I had to update a product after only a year and I ran into huge problems because of architecture changes to my development environment. The docker concept is perfect to solve this problem.
In my opinion the separation of workstation OS from server has always been a weakness of Microsoft OS. On linux there is no such distinction IMHO. The other problem is licensing. If I try and do this under Oracle VM directly I have to have a licence for each dev environment image. Not to mention the space. Again linux doesn’t suffer from this weakness. However, I would guess that since each docker container would reuse the same underlying kernel that licensing would not be an issue.
Can I do what I want now and/or when will docker/microsoft make this happen? Thanks.

As far as I’m aware, Microsoft is only targeting Server 2016 for the containerization features needed in the kernel to make docker work.