Digital Ocean Swarm Volume Storage

Hi, looking for a little guidance.
I have a swarm cluster deployed with digital ocean servers.
What is the simplest way to have docker volume storage across are nodes?
I have a digital ocean block storage mounted to my manager node. Should I share that and mount it to my worker nodes with nfs? Should I try and setup glusterfs so the storage is on every node?

I’m just looking for the simplest solution where my docker volumes aren’t only available on a single worker node.

Ideally I’d like a solution that allows me to add more worker nodes as required.


Simplest solution is to run a nfsv4 server and use local volumes backed by nfs4. It allows all nodes to access the data, but be aware that it is a single point of failure.

Bret Fisher has some volumes plugins listed on his awesome-swarm page: GitHub - BretFisher/awesome-swarm: All the awesome tools, docs, and training on Docker and Mirantis Swarm Mode (SwarmKit)

If you have only 3 nodes, you might want to check Portworx → it will be way easier to setup than GlusterFS or Ceph. 10G or more bandwidth is recommended if you want to use a clustered storage (GlusterFS/Ceph) or cluster of storages (Portworx).

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Thanks, I’ll try nfsv4 then and share my digital ocean storage.