DNS resolves wrong IP for deployed service

i am running a couple of nodes in a swarm with 18.03.0-ce docker.

The issue happens when one deploys a service connected to an attachable overlay swarm network.

the IPS do not match. "Addr": "" and "IPv4Address": "",

Eventhough the deploy runs ok and the overlay network shows up in the second node, when i try to connect to the service from a container in the first node, both in the same overlay network, this happens.

fisrt node - service inspect shows the IP "Addr": ""

            "VirtualIPs": [
                    "NetworkID": "4i2cl11fftiz6cdv63vdk93bm",
                    "Addr": ""

second node - network inspect show the connected container with a different IP "IPv4Address": "",

        "Containers": {
            "2b3a289764bf144e9747d116d967d73f5a56ae08f1a63a75912a02b3c54d3f3f": {
                "IPv4Address": "",
                "IPv6Address": ""