Docker 17.05-ce / alpine / macvlan / no access to LAN

I have an alpine docker host, connected with two network interfaces, one for static IP, the other as VLAN trunk (configured on switch). Somehow I can’t access the LAN from within an alpine docker container.

Docker network:
docker network create -d macvlan --subnet= --gateway= -o parent=eth1.100 VLAN100

Doocker host:
DHCP IP on VLAN100, (leased by pfsense)

Docker container:
docker run –ti --rm --network VLAN100 --ip --name VLAN100 alpine

If I run the container, I can see the ARP entry on the L3 router (pfsense) attached to VLAN100, but no IP communication is possible from within the container (ping to .254) or from outside the container (ping from random host on /24 network). Why is that? I thought macvlan is supposed to exposed the container directly to the network without any bridges etc. Can someone tell me, why this simple setp doesn’t work? L3 router and docker host can ping each other perfectly fine on VLAN 100.