Docker - Windows 10 Pro - Container File access glitch on second request

  • Issue type
  • Container volume mapping glitch (odd as F issue, will explain in detail)
  • OS Version/build
  • Win 10 Pro on an HP EliteBook
  • App version
    Docker Desktop
  • Steps to reproduce
    Using docker image lucee/lucee52-nginx map a volume from your local with an index.cfm to the /var/www directory.
    Connect to the container through port 80 in a web browser (I used Chrome). The FIRST load will work, whatever you wanted to load will be there. Refresh the page, THEN you will get this error:
    Page /index.cfm [/var/www/index.cfm] not found
    This is in spite of the fact that you can still see the file from the OS using ls -l /var/www/index.cfm

This happened to me when I accepted the windows update to from The code had NOT changed for my docker-compose.yml but I spent a day and a half trying to find the problem to no avail within my CFM files. This was resolved by Uninstalling, rebooting, re-installing, sharing C:, stashing all the BS I tried to fix it, and poof everything starts running.

This was a SUPER strange issue to me, and I’m not sure what diagnostics would help to find it, I’m only putting this here so that there’s some record of the problem.