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Docker 20.10.5 - constant error: level=error msg="copy shim log" error="read /proc/self/fd/10: file already closed"

i lately upgraded from docker 20.10.2 to 20.10.5.
i’m running a keepalive task for my consul cluster that uses consul container:
“sudo docker run --net host --rm consul members”

all works as expected, but i get this error log every time:
Apr 04 07:50:03 ip-172-31-43-24 containerd[920]: time=“2021-04-04T07:50:03.397017672Z” level=info msg=“starting signal loop” namespace=moby path=/run/containerd/io.containerd.runtime
Apr 04 07:50:03 ip-172-31-43-24 dockerd[3775]: time=“2021-04-04T07:50:03.662612427Z” level=info msg=“ignoring event” container=fb2890d9b6eb9fcaa578786d3b1dc98a8faa6dea4e6259f0ec446d1
Apr 04 07:50:03 ip-172-31-43-24 containerd[920]: time=“2021-04-04T07:50:03.663902692Z” level=info msg=“shim disconnected” id=fb2890d9b6eb9fcaa578786d3b1dc98a8faa6dea4e6259f0ec446d1a9
Apr 04 07:50:03 ip-172-31-43-24 containerd[920]: time=“2021-04-04T07:50:03.665598022Z” level=error msg=“copy shim log” error="read /proc/self/fd/10: file already closed"

can someone help please?


Chances are 38c203136f645a62451fbbc19bcdae0b1c31a45495e3e02588bc8182397f0e2e is cached somewhere and need to be clean. When I face such issues, I just run docker rm .

what is 38c203136f645a62451fbbc19bcdae0b1c31a45495e3e02588bc8182397f0e2e ??