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Docker :500 internal server error


(Amitkumar13) #1

I build one docker image of my application code using the dockerfile and thorugh image, I sucessfully build the container, but when i am running my ASP.NET application , it is showing an 500: internal server error. I don’t know where exact;y the problem is .

My dockerfile code:

FROM microsoft/iis:10.0.14393.206
SHELL [“powershell”]

RUN Install-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-45-ASPNET ; \
Install-WindowsFeature Web-Asp-Net45

copy smartdesigner smartdesigner
RUN Remove-WebSite -Name 'Default Web Site’
RUN New-Website -Name ‘smartdesigner’ -Port 80 \
-PhysicalPath ‘C:\smartdesigner’ -ApplicationPool ‘.NET v4.5’