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Docker and oracle9i

i am new in docker i just start to use it
i want if docker can or have container of oracle 9i to use my old database
if there is tips or idea welcome


There was no Docker at the time that version was supported so you can try to search for it on Docker Hub or on Google but I don’t think you will find much :frowning: I tried to search for it on Docker Hub but I found only versions for Windows and and instant clients.

Honestly I wouldn’t even try to download them because those are not official versions and there is no github link to see the source code (I am liying, I clicked on a download button, because I am so brave and got a white page)

You could try to search with other keywords. Maybe you will have better luck.

You might want to search for 10g and make your self aquinted with how to migrate the data from 9i to 10g.