Docker And Playfab

Hi There, i am new to docker and still trying to figure out how everything works. However my company uses Docker to deploy a container with Playfab. Playfab is a Service from Microsoft to use Multiplayer Builds from games etc.

You have to register your docker container there to use your build. One of Dockers features is “using bind mounts” where you can update a container on the fly and its data is uploaded via a server automatically.

Can i and my collegues use this feature with Docker containers registered with Azure( thats the microsoft service) ? that would be very usefull because we could bind it to our version controll system and don’t have to upload it manually anymore.

A bind mount does not update a container on the fly, it simply mounts a host folder into a container folder. So everything beyond that is not the doing of the docker engine.

How does binding a host folder into a container folder bind something to a version control system?!

The normal approach would be to clone your repository in a pipeline and build your image based on the cloned project. Using a bind mount is not required for that.

then i understood this passage wrong:

With **bind mounts**, we control the exact mountpoint on the host. We can use this to persist data, but is often used to provide additional data into containers. When working on an application, we can use a bind mount to mount our source code into the container to let it see code changes, respond, and let us see the changes right away.

i thought this was the same as for example using GIT, controlling a folder and Uploading everything you change on that folder.

in that way i was assuming i could simply Mount the folder of a build in a version controll to automatically upload it.

It really is just mounting a host path into a container path. The container path accesses the actual content of the host path. If a file is changed inside the host path, it is visible inside the container path (as it actually is the same folder) and the same is true if a file is changed inside the container path, it will be visible on the host.

It is literary like using sudo mount --bind /folder/a /folder/b, which would mount /folder/a (actually it’s inode) on top of /folder/b, so the original content of /folder/b is eclipsed by the content of /folder/a.

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