Docker api does not show network I created when using rootless


Today I bumped into an issue and it seems if I use rootless docker command after using rootless script during install
then when I create network it does not show in api but shows in cli
I had to uninstall docker and rootless script and reinstall docker and make docker rootless without rootless script that is provided by docker.

Only then did networks started showing in api.

its like networks ended up somewhere else in docker if used by rootless script setup.

Any hints where to find info on this.
docker started on user socket instead on global socket in /var/

any links where we can see more on this?


rootless docker stores its state per user. Normal (rootfull) docker stores its state per host.
Why would you expect that states are shared amongst roolelss and rootfull docker?

The command docker info should show which socket is used by the rootless/rootfull docker engine and where its root-data directory is located.