Docker API URL Configuration

We have installed Docker for windows toolbox and pulled docker container hello-world-nginx from Kitematic (Alpha) tool .

Now we need to configure docker plugin in jenkins and we are facing below connectivity issue while using docker url test connection step
DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// The server failed to respond with a valid HTTP response

What are things we need to done ?

Jenkins and Docker Tool box are both running in same machine.

MY Operating system configuration:
Windows 8.1 - X64bit

I’m just giving some steps, I have no idea how things work on Windows.

  • First you have to make sure that the Docker Daemon is also listening on a tcp port. (In Linux, default it has only a socket file configured and needs to be extra configured when it also needs to listen on ip). After the change, don’t forget to restart the Docker daemon;

  • Configure the docker plugin in Jenkins that docker configuration is found on tcp://

@wdijkerman Facing below issue while starting docker dameon :cry:


What if you start it with -H tcp:// ?

anything i did wrong ?

I am trying to start daemon with this commands

sudo dockerd

but facing below issue that’s why tried like above which is posted in some forums :neutral_face:


How to check my daemon listening tcp port?

Is docker already been running? Can you check that? If not, please delete the suggested file and try again.

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Yes deleted but facing below issue