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Docker backups management system

(Gonzales99) #1

hi guys. i have recently started using docker containers for small vps projects.
i am thinking of a setup where i can have my 5-6 vps (that all use docker containers) and setup a backup system with a new storage server, to which all my vps send docker container backups daily. and in future, i can use these backed up containers to restore that vps to that state if something goes wrong.

my question is, is there a GUI backup management script available for docker?
so i can host a webpage like and in that page I see all the latest docker containers backed up for all the vps that I am using.

is this type of a setup possible? please help. thank you

(Agowa338) #2

backups and container? That is not what the concept is about.
You use containers of your software. Therefore you don’t need to back up your installation. You only need to back up your data. And your data is stored on so called volumes. These volumes are mapped into the container. You can backup all volumes either mounting everything from lets say /srv/VOLUMENAME or by
docker volume ls -q | xargs docker volume inspect | grep "Mountpoint" | sed -r 's/^ *.*"\///g' | sed -r 's/",$//g' | zip/cp/rsync if you use named volumes