Docker bootloop - Resource eating, nothing works

Hey there,

So basically, I attempted moving docker to another drive, due to the main one being almost full.

That lead to a catastrophic failure, though. Currently, Docker is stuck in a bootloop and when reinstalling, I am unable to start it.

Current status: activating (start).

That will not change, even though it sits there and restarts itself every couple of seconds.

Please help me,


sorry now idea…

in the future, stop the daemon, move the docker subdir to another location, and then make a symbolic link to it from its old location, the start the docker daemon

Which subdir? If you’re talking about /var/lib/docker/, I gave up on moving it and reset it to that location.

I just want docker to function again

yes, that dir…

no idea how to recover from the current problem… uninstall/reinstall docker probably…

Already reinstalled, didn’t work, I’ve also deleted docker.sock etc. I’ve also purged through apt

Bump - Need help ASAP