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Docker bootloop - Resource eating, nothing works


(Gtsatsis) #1

Hey there,

So basically, I attempted moving docker to another drive, due to the main one being almost full.

That lead to a catastrophic failure, though. Currently, Docker is stuck in a bootloop and when reinstalling, I am unable to start it.

Current status: activating (start).

That will not change, even though it sits there and restarts itself every couple of seconds.

Please help me,


(Sam) #2

sorry now idea…

in the future, stop the daemon, move the docker subdir to another location, and then make a symbolic link to it from its old location, the start the docker daemon

(Gtsatsis) #3

Which subdir? If you’re talking about /var/lib/docker/, I gave up on moving it and reset it to that location.

I just want docker to function again

(Sam) #4

yes, that dir…

no idea how to recover from the current problem… uninstall/reinstall docker probably…

(Gtsatsis) #5

Already reinstalled, didn’t work, I’ve also deleted docker.sock etc. I’ve also purged through apt

(Gtsatsis) #6

Bump - Need help ASAP