Docker bridge to WLAN

Hi, I installed Docker on Fedora 20 and set up a container and it works. But it seems the bridge is connected with my ethernet port but I want to connect it with my wireless connection.

I looked up in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts but I can’t see where the docker-bridge is defined and linked.

Can I manually create a Bridge and link it to my wlan-card and link it with the container?


EDIT: Solved it. I created a bridge bridge0 and added my wlan port to it and added it with --bridge=bridge0 to the container. Next time I will do more research before asking :slight_smile:

I’m somewhat surprised, as I don’t recal noticing that Docker didn’t automatically switch networks, now that I’m running fedora, I might notice it - so :slight_smile:

and for those coming after you: