Docker build error - ENTRYPOINT


I’m trying to create my first Microservice as listed here: .NET Tutorial | Your First Microservice (

I’m having error on “docker build -t mymicroservice .”. Error states: failed to solve with frontend dockerfile.v0: failed to create LLB definition: dockerfile parse error line 11: unknown instruction: ENTRYPOINT[“DOTNET”,“MYMICROSERVICE.DLL”]

According to this website: Error when trying to run the command docker build · Issue #6088 · dotnet/core · GitHub, “additionally, if you have .NET Core 6 installed you will need to chagne the images to 6.0”. How do i do this?

Help is appreciated.


Ce Ce

Instructions like like ENTRYPOINT are followed by a space before their arguments. The error message shows you that the space is missing, so it thinks the instruction is ENTRYPOINT[“DOTNET”,“MYMICROSERVICE.DLL”] which does not exist.