Docker buildx "failed to find driver cloud"


I signed up for docker build cloud and followed the setup instructions for local installation.
However, when setting the option --driver cloud, I receive a driver not found error.

After reviewing the documentation
cloud is not listed as an option. I’m running docker 26.1.1 with buildx 0.14 on Ubuntu 22 amd64.

docker buildx create --driver cloud m400/mikes-builder
ERROR: failed to find driver "cloud"

As it says in the first line of the instruction of Local installation, you need Docker Desktop. Do you have it?

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“or CLI binaries.” That is the Docker Desktop binaries, I assume.
I think you are right; I’ll mark it as solved.

Found it.

" To use Docker Build Cloud without Docker Desktop, you must download and install a version of Buildx with support for Docker Build Cloud (the cloud driver). You can find compatible Buildx binaries on the releases page of this repository."

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Good point. And thank you for sharing the link. I just wanted to ask for the link of the page which is on the screenshot and I found the page which you linked now, but I missed the part where it mentioned “without Docker Desktop” and the previous section said Desktop was a requirement.

If you can change the solution flag, you can mark your post as solution. Mine was not really right anyway :slight_smile:

Having another set of eyes helped me realize this. The power of community :handshake: