Docker Buildx taking so much time for arm64

while installing the npm and building the image locally Docker buildx is taking so much time as compare to amd64 machine

this picture contains a image building for the React app (hello world)

What is the architecture of your host machine? When I developed my multiarch image, I also experienced a slow build for AMD64 images, but my CPU is ARM64 so I had to emulate AMD64. Emulation can take time. Do you actually have to machines, one with ARM64 CPU and an other with AMD64 CPU?

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i am using AMD machine and i am experiencing slow build for ARM64.
as you can see in logs…

i want to minimize this time so if you have any idea about it please help me

The best would be using phisical machines with different architectures. You could still run docker buildx on one machine. Also make sure you enough resources in the build container. Once I forgot about that I changed the default runtime when I tried it to help someone on the forum. Later I wanted to build my container and I relized I had kata-container as container runtime instead of runc. So all of my build containers ran in a small virtual machine with limited memory and CPUs. In case of Docker Desktop, you can change the resources of Docker Desktop’s virtual machine in the settings or if you are using WSL on windows, then you need to change the WSL resources manually.