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Docker Caching - do I restore my cache when I pull an image?

Hi all,

This may be a naive question, but…

When I pull an image from the docker registry, do I also get the benefits of any docker caching (i.e. intermediary layers) when I try to re-build that same image (locally)?


Given the Dockerfile

FROM alpine
COPY . .
RUN ls -la

If it’s built remotely and published to a registry, then I docker pull deleteme:latest the image to my local machine, and try to build docker build . --tag deleteme, assuming my local directory (checksum?) isn’t different from where it was built, will the build have access to the existing cache (I assume these are docker images?).


$ docker build . --tag deleteme
Sending build context to Docker daemon
Step 1/3 : FROM alpine
 ---> cdf98d1859c1
Step 2/3 : COPY . .
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 45541c2f74df
Step 3/3 : RUN ls -la
 ---> Using cache
 ---> eda2a2c93544
Successfully built eda2a2c93544
Successfully tagged deleteme:latest
REPOSITORY   TAG        IMAGE ID        CREATED           
deleteme     latest     eda2a2c93544    About a minute ago
<none>       <none>     d6f5782e1c09    2 minutes ago        <-- is cache?/shared?

(Obviously d6f5782e1c09 doesn’t match 45541c2f74df and eda2a2c93544)

--cache-from seems interesting, but not sure it works with a remotely pulled image?

Follow up question: If not, then where is the cache stored, and can it be shared somehow?

Kind regards,

Hello Nick, were you able to resolve this? I’m having the same question.