Docker can slow down your code and distort your benchmarks

I just got informed today that there was a problem that when we run a python code on a container, it will be slower than running it on the host. More details about this problem is on the following link:

this Article is for 2021 and its solution was to run container with privilleged access or set Seccomp as unconfined which is strongly suggested no to do so security wise.
Now in 2024 I just want to see if the problem is solved or is another solution found for that?

What is “the problem”? Increased security (extra layers of isolation, more things checked during runtime) may lead to decreased performance. Yes. What’s the point?

The virus scanner on your windows computer is also slowing down the PC - at least a tiny bit.

Benchmark your app for the performance you need, reduce security measures if needed or get a faster machine.