Docker: Can't use Docker new image file after commiting running container

Hi guys,

So i created and run smoothly one Docker images with LAMP and WP installed from Dockerfile using port 1250. My image is called wordpress.

For instance, when access this address 52.192.1.x:1250, a install Wordpress page appeared.

Then, i tried to test a little bit.
I login to bash environment with this command.

docker run -it wordpress /bin/bash

And created 1 folder called Testing.
I open one more windows at the same time and login and then commit the running container with this command.

docker commit ID-of-running-container wordpress3.

And when i was running this new images wordpress3 on another port, let’s say 52.192.1.x:1251, nothing appeared except for error “can’t connect”

Can you guys tell me the reason why?