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Docker CE and Kubernetes on Linux

(Jhmnieuwenhuis) #1

I am now using Docker CE and Swarm.

I would like to try / use Docker CE and Kubernetes.

I am on Linux ( CentOs 7 as host and Alpine Linux for the images )

I read about Kubernetes support in Docker EE and in Docker CE on Mac and Windows.

Are the any plans to support Kubernetes in Docker CE on Linux ?

Or do I have to switch to Windows or Mac to be able to use Docker and Kubernetes ?

I really hope that i misunderstood this :wink:


Hans Nieuwenhuis

(Venkatmarella) #2

I am also looking same solution on Linux. Could some one comment ?

(Stefan Gangefors) #3

It’s time to answer this question officially. We linux users don’t want to be treated as second-class citizens.

(Antoinetran) #4

My understanding is that they want people to use Docker EE for linux.

(Somebodyoncetoldme) #5

It’s very frustrating to have to dig around for what should be a simple yes or no answer. And even more frustrating when there’s not a good reason for not supporting this. Honestly, what enterprise is going to use this feature over Kubernetes? This only hurts users developing on linux.