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Docker CE and Kubernetes on Linux

I am now using Docker CE and Swarm.

I would like to try / use Docker CE and Kubernetes.

I am on Linux ( CentOs 7 as host and Alpine Linux for the images )

I read about Kubernetes support in Docker EE and in Docker CE on Mac and Windows.

Are the any plans to support Kubernetes in Docker CE on Linux ?

Or do I have to switch to Windows or Mac to be able to use Docker and Kubernetes ?

I really hope that i misunderstood this :wink:


Hans Nieuwenhuis


I am also looking same solution on Linux. Could some one comment ?

It’s time to answer this question officially. We linux users don’t want to be treated as second-class citizens.

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My understanding is that they want people to use Docker EE for linux.

It’s very frustrating to have to dig around for what should be a simple yes or no answer. And even more frustrating when there’s not a good reason for not supporting this. Honestly, what enterprise is going to use this feature over Kubernetes? This only hurts users developing on linux.

I’m looking for the same answer but can’t find.
Were you able to find any official answer?

You are asking for Kubernetes integration in Docker CE, not for Kubernetes support.
Docker CE is compatible with whatever docker version your favorite Kubernetes distribuion supports.

For instance creating a Kubernetes Cluster with kubeadm has just a couple of steps more than setting up a swarm cluster with a couple of managers and workers. Though, if you have no idea how to use it, it is worth nothing, or is it?

Docker Inc took care of those who can’t help themselfs… I can’t see the same broad range of Kubernetes distributions for Windows or Mac like I do for linux.