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Docker Certification issue

I’m looking for direction on how to schedule for “Docker Certified Associate” exam, after my scheduled exam with PSI didn’t work last week. PSI now says, it doesn’t support docker exams.


posting a reply from our certification manager

Docker is in the process of changing exam delivery vendors.  Exam sign-up will re-open with a new vendor on June 25th.  

Exams will also be offered on-site at Dockercon 2018 on June 12th, 13th & 14th.  For further information, please contact our certification manager,

Thanks for the response.

Could you please clarify that I cannot take the exam until 6/25, if I’m not attending the Dockercon?

I had signed up for my test on 6/1 and the exam never launched and the remaining unravelled from there. Is there an option to take the exam prior to 6/25.


I’m also “facing” the issue. I prepared the exam and wanted to schedule it in a week or 2, but it wasn’t available. Now I need to “maintain” my knowledge till the end of June which is not a real problem. But will the “content limits” still be the same? Of course my focus was on the examples there…

Can you please let us know when is the test going to be reopened? As per the above note it should be live by June 25th 2018.

Hi .
about the exam. How can I have promotion code for scheduling the exam in examity website?