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Docker Cgroups on Mac OS X


(Mrales) #1

Hi, I want to work with cgroups in Docker on my Mac (OS X). I know about LXC, but if I’m right that works on Ubuntu, not Mac. Is there any third party or anything what can help me with it? Really don’t know how to start.


(David Maze) #2

Can you say more? I think of cgroups as a very Linux-specific thing that Docker manages for me. As you hint, since they’re so Linux-specific, you need a virtual machine of some sort with a Linux kernel to use them. The Docker for Mac beta, or Docker Machine, can provide a VM with this, but if you’re doing something complicated with cgroups and it doesn’t need Docker per se a better direction might be to just get a Linux VM and work directly there.

(Mrales) #3

Thanks for reply.

I want to do basic stuff like setting variable cpu and memory usage for my container. This is first time I want to work with cgroups and don’t know to access to cgroups via Docker on Mac. All I have is Docker and VirtualBox and I think this is not enough. Maybe I need to install Ubuntu to my VirtualBox, I guess.

(David Maze) #4

There are standard docker run options for these: see for details.

(Mrales) #5

Ah, Thanks. I didn’t know this. It helps me a lot.