Docker client should easily show running version and updatetable versions images

docker cliënt should be able to track image version in running container versus updates on the hub

Why is this not implemented?
You have to do a pull to know if there are new updates.
Am I doing something wrong, since this is very obviously needed: unless there is a a better way to do this?

If you do a pull you actually download an image. In the case of nextcloud this can mean 3 images are downlaoded together 900mb. For nothing.
Since after a pull I send myself an email because the update must be done by hand.

needed would be something like
docker pull nextcloud:10.2 -test
After which the command gives back something like
1 : yes we have an update
0: no no updates

after that you need to know what update is available to decide if an update is worth the trouble or to research whats in it

Is this impossible or something because people are using automated tools to pull down images that are not used.

as you can see, more people search for this question but no answer is found