Docker command execution on remote host extremly slow on Windows 10


I added a remote Docker context over ssh to my Windows 10 installation of Docker but executing any kind of command that has to contact the remote server takes at least 30 ish seconds before getting any kind of response. λ docker container ls ~ took 33s and λ docker info ~ took 34s

λ docker --debug container ls
msg="commandconn: starting ssh with [-o ConnectTimeout=30 -- myremote docker system dial-stdio]"
msg="commandconn: starting ssh with [-o ConnectTimeout=30 -- myremote docker system dial-stdio]"

~ took 33s

I created the exact same remote Docker context on one of my Linux installations, and the command execution works perfectly, almost instantly.

I assume this is some kind of Docker issue specific to Windows and my have something to do with some kind of timeout setting, since it’s pretty much always 30 seconds no matter which command is executed.

I have already tried:

  • Disabling my AV
  • Adding an AV exception to WSL
  • Enabling/disabling any kind of VPN
  • Disabling IPv6 on all of my network interfaces
  • Rebooting
  • Reinstalling Docker desktop
  • Updating the docker engine running on the remote host
  • Disabling opt-out usage statistics
  • Disabling NetBIOS.

Any kind of help that might push me in the right direction is very appreciated


I don’t know what it could be, but have you tried to check Windows Event Logs? Or maybe change the ConnectTimeout? I can’t imagine how that would affect the response time, but that seems to be 30 seconds

I have probably found the culprit for this issue.

When invoking the docker container ls command, Docker will invoke the SSH command with the -o ConnectTimeout=30 option.

Invoking the SSH command myself with the -o ConnectTimeout=30 option leads to a 30-second delay; changing the value to 15 for example, will lead to a 15-second delay.

Searching through some issues on the PowerShell OpenSSH repository, I found that this weird behavior seems to be an issue with OpenSSH that should be resolved in the OpenSSH version 8.6. Which is the latest version that is installed on a Windows 11 machine; unfortunately, the latest available version for Windows 10 seems to be 8.1.

To resolve this, one has to probably manually uninstall the currently installed OpenSSH version and install a newer release from the PowerShell OpenSSH GitHub.

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Just wanted to say thank you and confirm that proposed solution works.

After downloading and installing latest version from Releases · PowerShell/Win32-OpenSSH · GitHub and restarting all cmd instances, remote docker commands are now executing without any delay.