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Docker commands hanging with no response after container restart

(Funnjy) #1

Hi, Docker community.

I’m having trouble. Docker commands are not performed and hanging up. It appears that commands hanging up after “dock restart container name” command. The first time I experienced the problem when I was restarting the logstash container, but it seems that it’s with other containers too.

I have tried to find the answer but did not find anything useful. The only way to get Docker commands to work again is to restart docker service.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS

Server version 1.13.1

P.s Do not know which info will be relevant to troubleshoot, so just ask if anything is needed.

(Adamwu) #2

Can you try “docker stop container_id” and then “docker start container_id” to see it hangs at stop or start?

Or can you try “docker restart -t 5 container-id” to force the container to be stopped in 5 sec?