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Docker commit not working properly

(Prasa880) #1

Hi all,
i am new to docker. i pulled mysql5.7 image from docker dub. using the image i build the container , i have created some databases and commited the container . using the same image and i ran new container i dont see any exisinting data and configuartion
i have follwed below steps:
docker commit ef8d029159e9 (container id) lnew/mysqldb:1.0 (new image name).

docker run -name=mysqlultimate (container name) -d lnew/mysqld:1.0(image).
i want to know that where i was doing wrong.


(Craigomez) #2

hello, prasanth
there is someone who has the same issue like you are experiencing
https:/ /forums.docker .com/t/docker-commit-not-applying-changes-to-new-container/7792
follow this thread !
it might help.
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