Docker compose build fails on Windows 10 Home: unix:///.supervisor.sock no such file

I’m building images using docker-compose (versions 19.x and 20.x). The builds work fine on linux, mac & Windows 7 Ultimate (and I haven’t encountered this issue on Windows 10 Ultimate but I’m away from that machine for the next few weeks). Several devs are running Windows 10 Home. These are the machines that have issues. The primary issue is with copying/mapping the working folder to the container. Using docker toolkit, Cygwin or MinGW, the build exits immediately and the logs show:

unix:///.supervisor.sock no such file

Issuing a docker run [container] after this failure brings up the container but when I go into it by running docker exec -it [container] /bin/bash and list files it doesn’t contain any of the mapped files for the application.

It DOES work just fine when the same build is done using CMDer.

I can’t find anything at all online about the supervisor.sock issue, can anyone help figure out why this won’t work on Windows 10 Home using MinGW or Cygwin? In every case, we’re running the terminal as administrator. The build and repos are all under the current users folder with full permissions.

The docker-compose.yml file:

version: '3.4'
    container_name: myapp
    image: myapp
      context: ./
      dockerfile: docker/myapp/Dockerfile
      - 8888:80
      - /var/log
      - ./:/var/www/html

The Dockerfile:

FROM webdevops/php-nginx:7.4 as build
WORKDIR /var/www/html
COPY . /var/www/html
CMD composer install && composer dump-autoload && supervisord