Docker compose down specific service

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Is this below command correct for down only specific service with docker-compose?

docker-compose down service-name

I guess your answer is at docker compose down | Docker Documentation.

You may want docker compose stop | Docker Documentation.

Thanks for your respond ! But i know in docker compose we have docker-compose up specifict-service i want to know could i run docket-compose down sepecifit-service for stop only one service in docker compose file?

docker-compose down is not used for what you are looking for. Please look at the 2nd link @avbentem posted.

If people take the time to respond and even address things they assume you might have ment, then please at least take the time to value their input and check wether it makes sense for your situation.

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You may also want to compare the documentation for docker compose up | Docker Documentation with that of docker compose down | Docker Documentation, to see that one mentions [SERVICE...] while the other does not.