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Docker-compose for creating DAB files

(Jinky32) #1

Sorry another newb question!

Expected behavior

I would like to be able to create a DAB file using docker-copose method described at however docker-compose is not installed and i cannot install it.

Actual behavior

I have run curl -L -s-uname -m> /usr/local/bin/doc ker-compose

which seems to download OK, but then if I run docker-compose -v I get:
Error relocating /tmp/_MEIAHhlmj/ __vsnprintf_chk: symbol not found Error relocating /tmp/_MEIAHhlmj/ __sprintf_chk: symbol not found

If I try to follow the guide at when I run sudo apt-get update I get sudo: apt-get: command not found

Any help much appreciated!

(Jinky32) #2

OK ignore me. Didn’t realise I was running Alpine. Instructions at worked fine after upgrading pip