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Docker compose - Getting started

Hi, I started today to use docker-compose and started by following the Getting started at everything went like a charm and was able to visit the wbe page using host and container IP(I have docker for windows on win10).
I also tried to run the “Compose and WordPress” quick start, the 2 containers get up and running, doing ps shows the following

PS E:\Projects\my_wordpress> docker ps
1851791a4879 wordpress:latest “” About a minute ago Up 22 seconds>80/tcp mywordpress_wordpress_1
5daaa4eb20e5 mysql:5.7 “” 2 hours ago Up About a minute 3306/tcp mywordpress_dbwordpress_1

running docker inspect for both containers shows
"IPAddress": “”, for the 1st container
"IPAddress": “172.20.0.”, for the 2nd container

I tried browsing the wordpress site using ContainerIP:8000, http://localHost:8000,, localhostIP:8000 without success.
Thanks for your help

i have issues with docker
i was unable to access internet to pull containers through docker
ERROR: network timed out
i was unable to configure proxy for docker
please help with this problem