Docker compose GitHub actions

Nice to join,
I now have a docker compose (which has 2 containers in it) and that’s it

  • I do not have action.yml, and I do not know the topic of git actions,
    I would love to know how I should proceed with what I have.
    Thank you!

I don’t really understand what you would like to do. Do you really have containers or just a docker-compose.yml to run containers? Because I can’t see how your running containers are relevant here. If you want to learn about GitHub actions and Docker working together, you can read the documentation: Creating a Docker container action - GitHub Docs

Thank you!!!
Yes, right, you’re right- I’m supposed to do each container in a separate webapp

I still don’t understand your goal. Have I already solved your problem? :smiley: If not (probably), please start to describe from the beginning what you want to achieve . Take your time, but provide details. Otherwise, I hope someone else can understand you and help soon.