Docker Compose help connecting collective access + mysql

Hi, I am new to docker so probably I’m doing something wrong that is very simple to resolve, but I have been trying with no result :frowning:

I want to make a docker-compose.yml file that creates two containter one running collective access and another one running mysql and then connect the two together.

I have found this on github – and now I want to put this docker commands on a compose file.

So far i got this :

compose file --> –

Dockerfile --> –

Incase you are wondering, yes I configured my setup.php file correctly, because when I run the commands described on github page and put my sql credentials a setup.php file it runs fine, but when I run docker-compose up -d it seems that there is no connection between the two containers and i get this page :

instead of this :

Also I have tried using this compose file —> –